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Why do we need clay? Why we need 100 % natural products?

The environment in which we live is, as we all know, extremely polluted. The pollution is in the air we breath, in the water we drink, in the food we eat, even in the clothes we wear, in the detergents and cosmetics we use; in a word, almost everything around  us is, one way or another, pollutes. Or contains toxins, some of which we do not even know about. All of these lead, over time, to load our body, decrease the immunity and to deteriorate the general state of health.

For the ones among us who are "in love" with natural products, this is only a rhetorical questions.. The supporters of 100% natural products will rephrase the question as follows: "why would we ever need products which contain all kind of chemicals?"

Nevertheless, even if we wish only for healthy products, we can not always find them easily or, if we find them, the prices are prohibitive. In other cases, what you see it is not ...what you get, meaning that it is a big difference between what these products should contain and what they contain in fact.

Fortunately, there is a natural remedy, accessible to everyone.  The cure with clay is very easy to follow, it is economical and - when done correctly - has no side effects. Detoxifies the body by absorbing and eliminating the toxins, reinstates the general state of well-being, helps restore the mineral balance of the body, fights the intestinal parasites and infections (with bacteria and viruses).  Also, clay is used in cases of heavy metal poisoning, due to its capability to absorb heavy metals and convert them into inert compounds to be later on eliminated through the intestinal tract or through the urinary system.

Still, why we need natural products?

Because almost everything we use in day by day life contains chemicals. The taste of foods is "enriched" with taste enhancers, the color of meat is "refreshed" with carmine and so on. The packages of food products can be real traps, containing invisible poisons (for instance, bisphenol A). All these substances, although apparently harmless, have side effects. Each one of us is, more or less, sensitive to these additions. But not oonly what we eat or drink affects us.

In order for the clay to be fit for internal use, it has to meet some criteria regarding the chemical composition (chemical stability and inertia). Even more, it has to meet certain requirements regarding the physical appearance - the dimension of the particles, the percentage of water, the texture and color, as well as other toxicological demands clearly stipulated by the competent institutions (microbiological purity, absence of heavy metals, absence of allergenic and cancer--inducing compounds).

Even the cosmetics and care products (including the products for children) present a certain risk to health. As such, the cosmetics can contain heavy metals (crom and lead), irritating perfumes, allergens. Every time we read the composition of products, it is like travelling in time to the chemistry lessons.

SALOMIA clay is periodically tested in laboratories from Budapest, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest and meets all conditions required by international institutions. Its composition is given by a unique mixture of minerals essential to life: magnesium, calcium, iron, silica, sulfur, sodium compounds. In its natural state, the way it is when extracted from the mine, the clay looks like grey lumps. In this stage, the clay can not be yet used internally. Through processes of drying, thermic sterilization, mechanical chopping and successively passing it through very fine sieves, SALOMIA clay from Harghita county becomes a very fine granulated powder, with grey specific color.  The natural creams and lotions  do not have any of these problems. It is true, they are not scented, they have neither the consistency, nor the color or the texture of the synthetic products, their packaging is not as glamorous either. But they are healthy. And efficient. They have no side effects, they do not  cause allergies, nor cancer. But one has to really love nature to use them, especially after years of using artificial products - perfumed, bright, promoted at every street corner, in every magazine and in every commercial brake.

When we take pills (even the harmless food supplements) there is always a danger of overdose, especially in case of iron and zinc. With the clay, this danger is inexistent, due to its "intelligent" capacity to identify, at ionic level, the needs of the body and to supply it only with the missing substances and only in the necessary quantities, the rest being eliminated, as if they were never there. In other words, the body retains only what it needs, only how much it needs and only when it needs...

Our grandparents used grease - goose grease, chicken grease, pig grease. And natural wax. Yellow, natural. The nowadays cosmetics contain cosmetic Vaseline, which is ... derivate from crude oil! They have a nice appearance, they can be colored almost with any color, they can be perfumed, in short they are perfect for a marketable product. But they are chemical products. Grease is totally natural, but it looks like ... grease. Smells like ... grease. It is ... greasy. But it is immediately absorbed by any type of skin, because it is compatible with it.

Water is essential to life. Everybody knows this, it is no novelty for anyone.But the water we drink has a huge influence over our health. If we drink water directly from the tap, then this water can and should be detoxified. Also with tap water we wash fruits and vegetables. That is because we do not have other and it would be far too expensive to wash them in spring or mineral water, or even in filtered water. Although in very small quantities, some of the toxins remain on the surface of vegetables and fruits and so, we end up eating them.

Our grandparents used plants, which they carefully collected every year. Each household had its own "pharmacy", whose "know-how" was transmitted from generation to generation as a fact of life as normal as anything else. In any village of the country, everyone knew what were the benefits of any plant one could have mentioned. Now, we have to see doctors and ask specialists to find out what we need, when we need and why we need.

We rarely know for sure where the vegetables and fruits we eat come from. Therefore, even if washed in pure water, the problem of toxins is not yet solved. In agriculture (especially in the intensive one), a lot of chemicals are being used: fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. All of these substances enter, more or less, in  the very own composition of the plant we consume, thinking it is healthy. And it is, but it contains also toxins. Toxins has also the meat, no matter how low fat it is, toxins are also in milk products, in eggs and in bakery products and so on. In one word, we ingest toxins from the sources we expect less. These toxins must be eliminated!

In the villages, people used creams and lotions, perfumes, soaps and tinctures and tea and different medicines. But they were all natural. All were "compatible" with the human body, they did not cause problems, they did not cause eczemas, or allergies, or burns, because they were made only of natural compounds. It is true, natural products must be used a certain period of time to see results, they are not considered treatments by modern medicine, they do not work "over night", but the benefits are worth waiting for...

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