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SALOMIA CLAY - internal and external usage


Action and indications Due to its rich content of minerals and unique properties, Salomia Clay has a strong remineralizing action, it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antitoxic, anti-diarrheal, antacid, absorbent, detoxifying, bactericide, antiviral.
Powerful adjuvant in cases of poisoning by heavy metals such as lead poisoning, zinc, cadmium, arsenic or mercury, by absorbing and converting them into chemically inert compound.
It can be used to detoxify drinking water.
Pregnant women can use Salomia Clay for internal use, due to its rich calcium intake necessary for pregnancy.

In a glass or a mug of 200 ml put approx. one tea-spoon of Salomia clay powder. Above the powder pour cold or hot water. Mix and wait minimum 15 minutes (or the whole night) before drinking the water, so the clay precipitates at the bottom. After usage, throw the clay, because it captured already the toxins and freed the minerals from the composition.
We recommend the use of glass and ceramic containers and stainless-steel spoons. We do not recommend the use of regular metal or plastic spoons and recipients.

It is recommended to store the powdered clay either in the producer's box or in glass jars, ceramic jars or wooden boxes.

Recommended daily dose:
The recommended daily dose is of one tea-spoon of Salomia Clay dissolved in one glass of water. The cure should be limited to 3 weeks, followed by a brake of approximately 10 days.
Do not use clay at the same time with the ingestion of other food supplements rich in minerals.
While taking Salomia Clay it is recommended to reduce or even eliminate fats, frying, excess intake of sweets, alcohol.

Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Do not inhale dust clay. Keep away of the reach and sight of small children.
The product is a dietary supplement and does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
The product does not contain potentially allergenic substances.
The product does not change reflexes of drivers and people who handle machinery.

In compliance with the recommended dose, contraindications are not known.


Action and indicationsDue to its chemical composition in full harmony with the one of the human body and due to its unique capacity to capture "nature's intelligence", quarry clay has a number of beneficial and spectacular effects on the skin. As such, Salomia Clay, when applied correctly, can be calming, purifying, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, revigorating. Restores skin's natural brightness and clarity. Fights spots and acne.

Usage: Salomia Clay can be used in combination with a wide range of natural juices obtained from fruits and vegetables, with still water or with water "enriched" with vitamins and minerals after soaking wheat or rice bran. The powder clay must be mixed (using a glass, porcelain, wood or stainless-steel tool) with the natural juice recommended in one of the following situations, until a thick paste is formed, the consistency of which resembles cream.

This cream is then applied evenly on the face (leaving an uncovered portion of about 2 cm around the eyes) on the neck and décolletage. The mask is then left to take effect until it is dry (cca 20-30 minute) and after that, it must be removed with warm water. Important!In the composition of the Salomia Clay mask it is recommended to use seasonal fruits and vegetables. The ingredients will be mixed until homogenization; after usage, the clay can not be re-used, but it must be thrown (it contains the toxins extracted from the skin). Our complexion belongs to one of the following three categories: oily complexion, normal complexion or dry complexion. In accordance with your skin type, apply one of the suggested recipes described below:   

For oily complexion, mix cca. 3-5 spoons of clay with natural juices which have astringent effect, such as juices freshly obtained from ccucumbers, lemon (or other citric fruits), tomatoes or grapes. Usage: the paste formed will be applied once or twice a week.

For normal or dry complexion, mix cca..3-5 spoons of clay with natural juices which have hydrating effect, such as juices freshly obtained from carrots or celery, watermelon, peaches. Very good results can be obtained also with olive oil, milk, egg yolk or honey. Apply: once or twice a week. To fight acne or cuperose, it is recommended to apply the mask daily for a week (7 days), after which the applications will resume to only two a week, until the symptoms disappear completely. In this case, use clay powder in combination with still water or spring water (in case of necessity, one can use even tap water) or water in which clean wheat or rice bran was soaked (for at least 2 hours).

The aim of body wrapping is to tonify, exfoliate, purify and regain the fermity of skin, but also to compact the flabby skin. The clay paste made with warm or hot water is to be applied evenly in a layer of minimum 0,5 cm. After about 30 de minutes since application, when dried, the clay is to be removed gently, using a scraper. The remaining residue will be removed by cleansing with warm water or by rubbing with a wet towel.

For tired feet, apply elastic bandages soaked in clay water twice a week. The bandages must be wrapped starting with the ankles and up to the knees, and must be left to act the whole night. To ease articulary or muscular pain,  it is recommended to use either bandages soaked in clay water or pouches with clay and cabbage juice (preferable use green leaves).

For your pet:

If your pet ate something harmful, or if it shows signs of weakness, give it clay water to drink. Put in the drinking bowl 2-3 spoons of powdered clay, pour water, stir to make the water muddy, leave it to settle down and then give it to drink. If you notice that the pet wants some more, repeat the procedure, after throwing the clay precipitated at the bottom of the recipient.



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